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By playing on *.X2GAME.NET you agree to obey our rules. If you do not obey the rules we have all rights to ban you from our server. We reserve the right to make any changes to the server or your characters. Generally we will not replace lost items / gold for any circumstances.

Our service is free and all our staff work endlessly to help provide you with the best enjoyment. Our staff are not payed and donate their time to support of the server. We do not tolerate disrespect to our staff in any way. Respect the work they do and please remember they are not obliged to help you because they are online they will service your ticket when they are ready to.

Our server is rated PG for all users. Please keep the general public channels to English.​

Force Log Out/Quit - Using this kind of method to avoid getting killed, is prohibited
Punishment: 1 Day Ban / 2nd Offense: 7 days ban / 3rd Offense: Permanent Ban

Traps & Towers - Putting Traps and Towers on Prohibited Area is Illegal, Such as BM and VC Entrance. OC Entrance.
Punishment: 1 Day Ban / 2nd Offense: 3 Days Ban / 3rd Offense: 1 Month Ban

Healing & Debuffing - Healing or Debuffing on Safezone is Prohibted
Punishment: 1 Day Ban / 2nd Offense: 3 Days Ban / 3rd Offense: 7 Days Ban

Glitching - Such as Hiding in Mau, Putting GT in Mau, Or something that you are not clickable
Punishment: 1 Day Ban / 2nd Offense: 3 Days Ban / 3rd Offense: 7 Days Ban

GvG Feeding - GvG Feeding w/ their Alt Guilds is Prohibited
Punishment: Guild Disband + CPT Wipe

Real Money Trading - If you get caught selling your items in real money or other stuff not MID-WAY PROJECT Related
Punishment: Permanent Ban

Hacking / Exploiting - No hacking or taking advantage of exploits within the game
Punishment: Permanent Ban

Impersonating Staff / GM - If you pretend that you are staff or GM here in this RF
Punishment: Permanent Ban

Respect the Staff - No harassing GMs or staff members at any time.
Punishment: (Will be depending on the impact of your offense)

All Chat Selling / Buying (/all) - Selling or buying items on all chat is prohibited
Punishment: 1 Day Chat ban / 2nd Offense: 3 Days Chatban / 3rd Offense: 7 Days Chatban

Advertising - Advertising a something that not related of MID-WAY PROJECT is Prohibited
Punishment: Permanent Ban

Race Leader / Councils - If you get caught not being Active for how many days is Prohibited
Punishment: CPT Wipe

We do LOG all trades & gift activity of low level players and we will ban all gift exploiters.
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