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Recent content by audiaziz

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    SOLVED Free storage? Lies

    so that is why i lost my disena
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    SOLVED warlock offensive job skill bugged ?

    I did some test damage to one of the beta tester in cora, and i did 1 shot with both skill job from warlock, but when i try to do it with Elite force it didnt even do 1 shot, i tried from basic > expert > elite and none of that did a 1 shot 1 kill , but instead using striking force and mirror...
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    SOLVED Lv 40 Grazier Reward

    @Lv 40 class change i took the far right reward which is Lv 40 Box of something (i couldnt remember) instead of choosing Isis , and i didnt get the box or Isis so if possilbe i would like Isis input for the compensation, my IGN is auzi