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  1. 12PLO

    •AccretiaHQ• open member ! ! ! !

    Welcoming Accretians in KATAN SERVER . Just only for true Accretians no Chicken !
  2. 12PLO

    Mau no exp?

    noob Bellato and cora run likes chicken . . . . . By ExRevanthane
  3. 12PLO

    Server info

    can u give me please detail rate %enchan equip, drop monster etc ?
  4. 12PLO

    Aahahahahhahahahaha when u realy NOOB

    actually youre noob :)
  5. 12PLO

    Aahahahahhahahahaha when u realy NOOB

    3 Noobs of Accretian :) before sayonara *nooffens
  6. 12PLO

    bellato mau mini gide

    noob still noob never change
  7. 12PLO

    Re stocks piggy accessories please

    never be changed bro since i've played still so till end. washing time
  8. 12PLO

    Mau Def

    Bellato has only panic without dual login, but so sad Chapas Thread about "Congratulations" already deleted. After downgraded Elemental, Bellato has still upgraded MAU till now, remember it ? and so too OP , one ID of my friends has been deleted hmm .. nice one :Mosking::Mosking::Mosking:
  9. 12PLO

    Mau Def

    in the Past, ACC was not OP but no one trust us, but now bellato say not OP everyone trust him.. hahahahahhaha no one trust ACC .. :Mosking::Mosking:
  10. 12PLO

    "Age of IMBA Mau"

    hahahahahahahahahhahhah ... just already response now, before new Patch where did it go ?
  11. 12PLO

    Mau Def

    make ACC or Cora bro, and feel it what we feel before about MAU, dual-Logins afk attack MAU and about decrease etc .. and give your comment .. and read again Thread with the Title "Congratulations" .. idk already deleted or not by GM .. its just my Opinion
  12. 12PLO

    Mau Def

    hahaha .. do you just already feel what i, Chapadon and some my friends feel about MAU and bellato before? :Mosking::Mosking::Mosking:
  13. 12PLO

    Elan glitchinbg turrets... like all days

  14. 12PLO

    Elan glitchinbg turrets... like all days

    so many use dual, cant distinguish between Window active and Picture of Desktop ? hahahah 1 window for 1 PC pls
  15. 12PLO

    Elan glitchinbg turrets... like all days

    hahah idiot still idiot not better.. without Dual you are loser