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SOLVED Mess with party info/ shady persons in party (update in reply)

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Bug with info not received may apply when you join somebodys party or somebody join yours
This thing is visible individually but often people have the same vision on shady person or no info/(this way sometimes seeing different players bugged in same party)

Sometimes party bugs happen and you get shady person in your party list that doesnt exist
< here wolf left the party after disconnect but his shadow is here, he cannot see this only visible for other party members
and if it happened you cannot kick this shady person or leave this party, but you can join another party if somebody invited you

Here eberyone left the game but i still have 2 person in my party that doesnt exist

Also you cant see HP of those people whos riding MAU at the moment
Also would be nice to have same old colors pallete for party hp/fp/sp bars
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