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acc + bcc towers bug again and again


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today acc use 1 tank 8 launcher 6 tower and support team why we can't kill dagnue?
Just because we are acc?
today kill dagan and dagon of bell and cora Less than we are
why they can kill dagan and dagon This is a bug ban all kill dagan and dagon people
Is that what you mean?
You know today to help dps of acc?
we only use 1 expert
Where did you find the bug?
or you only want Prohibit acc farm ddd?
acc can kill ddd this bug? ban all acc
bell and cora can kill ddd gz
is that what you mean?
all acc is bug
cant farm ddd because will go ban
if you dont want acc farm cancel Acc this race plz
just cora and bell say we cant so we use bug?


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I think logs are not lying so if GM said that trust him.
This is not the first time ACC hack on this server and it's very sad to see that.
If you participate from close or far to this event.... assume.
I'm sure GM is not banning ppl for his personnal pleasure.

Certain acc player are lucky to not be perman ban already...