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  1. wirasq

    SOLVED Rank/class upgrade system > equipped items disappear till login / using upgradable item slot

    1. Placing equipped item into upgrade windows cause item disappear till logout, 2. You can place items on weapons slot if you hide upgrade window, but it will drop on the available slot
  2. wirasq

    For server

    I will post here some things maybe you will add to server titlelogo+elfmap fixed roads abit, some scratches and added columns
  3. wirasq

    Bug report thread for Open Beta [FULL PVP]

    X2GAME FULL PVP - OPEN BETA TEST BUG REPORT THREAD 1. Bugged status 2. Wrong name for Gold Point 3. Using catapult stuck in Run Mode (like bugged siegekit when you quit but you didnt) when Entangle applied (you can walk in Walk Mode); entangle applies in mau mode (caster hum baba) 4. Relief...
  4. wirasq

    [Guide] Frostivus - Best way to farm

    >Frostivus event< In this guide i will show you how to kill all chooties, caliana +1-2 candies using only ~25 snowballs 1. You need 30+ snowballs, range class hero with elite skill "Wild Shot" 2. Unpack your snowballs by minimum craftable amount of ammo - 5 and place em on your panel, turn...
  5. wirasq

    Issues #4

    Issues: 1. Santa Land: Sometimes walking under ice surface when using mouse to move 2. Some status info is empty aswell as pvp points 3. Santa Land: You can hit santa mobs using destruction rune with snow spray equiped 4. Again walking for a couple minutes without disconnect when lost the...
  6. wirasq

    [Beginners guide] Farm money, dragon bone booster

    Only beginner's guide, the rest you can find manually on Mid-Way WIKI use it [ Farming money ] 1. Create Specialist class character 2. Reach Level 50 3. Buy Towers Dont forget 4. Buy dagger lvl.1 (and some shield) so you wont get exp. 5. Go to Silence Wood location on Elan map, you will...
  7. wirasq

    Issues #3

    1. [Terra Liquid Fuel] 30000 Flamethrower Fire ammo bought at RARE TOOLS hits only single target, any other ammo hits multiple targets: 2. Wrong title name Newbie Upper Other body parts of this set has name [Newbie bone] 3. After getting first 5000 Contribution Points and server daily...
  8. wirasq

    Issues #2

    1. Elan map not listed Button doesn't work But this link and info actually exist 2. 1) Armor vendor NPC's selling almost the same 2) Name fix ARMOR [41-75] TYPE N 3. 75 TYPE N Armor description
  9. wirasq

    Unreal suggestions

    1. Make TAB button target selection. 2. Increase insects monsters size. 3. New MAU/Towers models/colors. 4. Make Rocket Launchers along with Flame Throwers or assign rocket launcher siegekits to flamethrowers. 5. Make 1 Chip Guardian Leader mob on each chip with increased power. (Probably one of...
  10. wirasq


    1. Teleports dont work in new custom locations. (works on Dark Space map) 2. After dying on Beast's Ground map you resurrected in the end of this map, theres no exit, you will have to return back to the start. 3. Teleport to Dark Space map from Ether Plat. bugged, high range but out of radius...