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    Alpha Test Application Form

    I want join alpha )
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    раф,чет ничего с бижей не пойму( обьясни как где и чего))))))) если можно со скринами
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    why? lvl 1 stone lvl 1-30 whats wrong?
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    Need Administrator help to change Bellato Race Leader

    Hello Admin. need yours help. Need change bellato Race Leader. Our RL Freedom now stopt playing and no one knows when he will return,or if he will return at all ( i registered on RL but we cant Vote... please chenge bellato leader to me) [ZlayaZaya] we are only to in vote bord.
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    What need to vote for RL ?
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    amulet upgrade BUG

    thanks=) may you chenge my 2 ring to 2 amulets on next path? (same like on screenshot)
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    amulet upgrade BUG

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    amulet upgrade BUG

    any fix??
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    amulet upgrade BUG

    FIX pls ..... i buy amulet from talik points after upgrade 40lvl my amulet start be a RING wtf fix pls and back me amulet same grade=/ now i have 75 lvl ring but i buy amulet... and on 75gr combination incorrect
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    WTF? Where is my EXP?

    wtf......whant see administrator answer..... and i find bug againe. if u klick on weapon on kraft weapon tull u got dc
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    WTF? Where is my EXP?

    Hello! whee is my exp? to night i was 74lvl and 53% when i log in todai it was 0.0000%
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    I try to get staff after fix,kill mobs 3h+ get all weapons but no one staff=( please make chence to get weapons some more((( before fix was easyer to get weapon.. i think chans was beter