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    SOLVED Rank/class upgrade system > equipped items disappear till login / using upgradable item slot

    1. Placing equipped item into upgrade windows cause item disappear till logout, 2. You can place items on weapons slot if you hide upgrade window, but it will drop on the available slot
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    Alpha Test Application Form

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    For server

    i think this is my final picture for rfo, now i have ideas about my own universe this thread might be closed now
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    Compte prenium

    Better contact directly to @admin, use button
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    New player here.. need help with server features
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    New player here.. need help with server features

    Autoloot - premium feature, You can combine 99pcs capsules to get total amount 1 capsule, or 99x5
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    For server

    yes post everywher
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    For server

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    For server

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    Bug report thread for Open Beta [FULL PVP]

    Suggestion: 1.Remove trash items from caliana or make it possible to autosell 2. Make possible to trade and sell t5 in half of its price Bug: Every game restart i have 1,186,861 disena inserted in npc shop, this amount changes, when you put or take items, but doesnt apply when buying or selling
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    For server

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    For server

    I will post here some things maybe you will add to server titlelogo+elfmap fixed roads abit, some scratches and added columns
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    Bug report thread for Open Beta [FULL PVP]

    Connection problem: Indonesian player reports for bad connection, i see him looting only 1 capsule per second