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    NOTICE Back to the Novus - Coming Soon

    Ah correction this is Scarlet Blade
  2. killerme14

    admin help

    still having the same issues?
  3. killerme14

    admin help

    Did you download the new 2GB download ? i did that to fix the same issue well not totally fix but its stable
  4. killerme14

    admin help

    File size of game downloaded 1.8GB? GM provided a 2GB download client it wont fix this issue but its a little stable than that one I dont think im allowed to post links here but some of the threads on bug report has the links im talking about...
  5. killerme14

    I can't proceed any further *GAME KEEPS ON CRASHING*

    Game keeps on crashing every after i log into the new map i cant proceed so i re-logged and tried again and now im stuck on an infinite loop this also happens randomly in the game while roaming around. while moving from map to map can anybody help me for this?ADDED VIDEO
  6. killerme14